Cheese Production Lines

Cheese production lines

We deliver complex solutions from milk reception to cheese ripening. To make our clients happy and the consumers happy each cheese production lines is an absolutely individual solutions. Together we choose the optimum pressing solution and other components – independent of any manufacturer. Our engineering team has decades of experience in the planning of cheese plants, technological processes and automation systems.

Cheese vats

Pre-pressing systems
Final pressing systems

Brine baths
Whey treatment
Heat recovery

Cheese vats and cassette presses

KALT’s system of cheese vats and cassettes presses is one of the technologically most innovative and compact cheese production systems in the world.

Cassette press

The cassette press is an “all-in-one” system, because pre-pressing and final pressing of cheese is accomplished in one single system. The curd is directly filled from the cheese vat. The cassettes always remain inside the press even during CIP cleaning. There is neither a buffer tank required nor any single plastic moulds, complex transport systems, final presses or form magazines. The client receives a safe and easy processing system with minimum operator costs.


Other pressing systems

Pre-pressing vat
Pressing columns

Vacuum presses
Tunnel presses
Tower presses