Automation Systems

Process Automation Systems

Our automation engineers and technologists have been working together for years. Their knowledge is shared and updated frequently to deliver the latest solutions to our customers. Our automation engineers always consider specific process requirements in their solutions.

Solutions for the future

✓ Design and delivery of control systems
✓ Modernisation of control systems
✓ Integrated control systems
✓ Solutions from initial concept to start-up
✓ For single machines or complex production plants

✓ PLC programming
✓ Programming of SCADA and HMI
✓ Electrical cabinets
✓ Electrical and cable works

Customised Systems

Our services include the design and implementation of control systems for complete production plants, transporting systems and implementation of robotised packing systems.

Palletising – / Depalletising Stations

We offer customised robotised stations for palletising and depalletising of different products like cartons, bags of different weights using customised picker arms.

Pick & Place Stations

Our pick and place stations are based on a robotised system with visual identification. This systems allows a “chaotic” entry of products on the inlet and an organised intelligent sorting of products.

Packing Stations

The robotised packing stations allow robots to place smaller product units into larger packages like cartons, plastic boxes, bags or similar.

Transport Systems

We offer automatic transport system solutions for the dairy, food, meat and automotive industry.


We do not only serve the dairy industry.